🕹️Additional Game Features


Competitions are a rewarded, asynchronous and competitive mining game mode that players can enter by paying a $DAR participation fee.

Competitions reward the winners with a token reward and/or exclusive assets based on their position in the leaderboard by end of the competition.

Modbots and Mining Company

By registering their Mining Company for a Modbot Season, players can participate in a rewarded on-chain game mode where their tactics influence their reward directly.

At the beginning of each season a seasonal Prize Pool will be created that players compete for.

The objective is simple. Deploy a mix of modbots during a season to mine for Moonchips on Luna Praxis and compete with other players to collect the highest amount of Moonchips. The amount of $DAR received from the Prize Pool correlates directly to the ratio of Moonchips a Miner collected in comparison to the sum of Moonchips collected by all players.

For more information on the Modbot Game Mode read this Modbots


The Satellite is Mines of Dalarnia’s central Hub which grants players access to all game features and allows them to meet each other and show off their gear.


Currently used for onboarding new players, campaigns will in future expand the Dalarnian Universe and allow players to complete tasks while discovering more about the Universe and Lore of Mines of Dalarnia.

Holos and Cosmetics

Looking cool is a big part of games, and Mines of Dalarnia is no exception.

Players can change their appearance by equipping new items, or by making use of “Holos” – special items that transmogrify your character’s appearance regardless of what items they are wearing.


Every miner needs a trusted space side-kick! Players can bring a pet into each dig to assist them. At launch, robot birds known as Canar-Es will be the only pet type.

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