Crafting equipment is a key element of Mines of Dalarnias progression system. Crafting and upgrading equipment improves the player's overall power level which grants them access to mines and depths of higher difficulty

Equipment is grouped in the following categories:

  • Mining Tools that are used for digging through blocks.

  • Weapons that are used for killing monsters.

  • Armor that provides defense against enemies and elements.

  • Holos that change how you look without changing stats.

Besides Holos, each piece of equipment has a Power Level and an Aspect, as well as one randomized perk.

Power Level is the primary measure of an equipment’s strength, compared to item level in many games.

Aspect defines the environment in which this equipment functions best, such as Jungles or Crypts. It can be compared to “elemental type” in a fantasy game.

Perks are passive modifiers that influence the player’s stats and behavior, increasing attack or movement speed, or adding special effects or attack patterns.

Note players have the choice to craft equipment either off-chain or on-chain (NFTs) with the option to turn off-chain equipment into NFTs at a later stage. Crafting on-chain equipment runs a smart contract that burns resource tokens in order to mint new item NFTs.


Equipment can be upgraded to gain better stats. To upgrade equipment players must utilize a resource called Dust. Dust is resource specific (Copper Dust, Iron Dust and so on) and can be obtained by “dusting” (burning) equipment. For example: Copper Dust can be obtained from “dusting” copper equipment.

The resulting new piece of equipment will always be of a higher upgrade level (+2 becomes +3, and so on), up to the upgrade cap of that specific equipment type. The equipment’s base stats will increase, as will its Power Level and at Upgrade Level +1 a second perk will be unlocked.


Miners can improve their mining capabilities by crafting Boosters using Scrap and Bones collected in Salvage Missions.

Boosters are temporary effects such as:

  • max HP increase

  • Spawn of Healer Bots on enemy kills

  • Enemies explode when being defeated

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