Mining Mission

Mines of Dalarniaโ€™s Core Game is all about on-chain mining missions: action-based mining gameplay in a procedurally generated mine.

In order to start a โ€œdig,โ€ players must select a mining plot in the navigator and rent one or multiple runs by paying a rent fee in $DAR to the Landowner.

Mining plots have specific depths. Higher depths give more and better resources as rewards, but will generate more dangerous monsters and environments, and require higher miner Power Levels to access. Miners can furthermore improve their mining capabilities by equipping gear with a fitting aspect type to the Mining Plots aspect.

During a mining run, players battle monsters and unearth resources of different qualities to collect resource fragments in their bag.

The bag consists of 50 slots which can be filled with resource fragments. Each resource needs a specific amount of fragments to result in a full resource that can be claimed after the run. Based on that every resource needs a certain amount of slots in the bag:

  • Copper and Gold takes 1 slot

  • Iron and Silver takes 5 slots

  • Ozymodium takes 10 slots

  • Ragnarite and Aquarite takes 2 slots

During mining sessions players can delete resources from their bag at will to free up some space.

Players can optimize their rewards by utilizing the time bonus system. This bonus decreases over time and can be refilled by collecting time gems left over by defeated monsters. An active Time Bonus grants a bonus on the reward amount at the end of the Mining Mission.

Miners exit a Mining Mission by finding an exit pod, quitting the mission or dying. Only the first option grants the player the total amount of collected resources.

Note that every resource collected here is a tradable, sellable token.

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