What is Modbots

At its core, Modbots is an idle game that offers players the chance to increase their DAR tokens.

The game is divided into various seasons, each featuring distinct prize pools. At the end of each season, players will get rewards equal to their portion based on the number of Moon Chips they’ve collected in comparison to the total Moon Chips collected by all players.

So your mission is simple: gather as many Moonchips as possible. To achieve this, you’ll need to acquire Minerbots– automated robots that tirelessly work to increase your Moon Chip reserves.

However, there’s a twist — Luna is no longer a safe place, and you must protect your Minerbots from deadly Storms that can disrupt your mining operations. The best part? All it takes is a small amount of your resources and a few minutes of your day.

Modbots: Your Mining Workforce

The heart of your lunar operation lies in your Modbots. During each season, you can purchase up to 6 of them per day. For example, if the season begins on November 2nd at 5 pm UTC, every day at 5 pm marks the start of a new day for all players.

There are three types of Modbots:

  1. Minerbots: These bots boost your Moon Chip production.

  2. Defendbots: They protect your Minerbots from Storms.

  3. Repairbots: These bots repair your Defendbots after the Storms

Each Modbot is associated with a specific resource, and you can acquire them using particular resources.

The starting cost for Modbots is just one unit of the resource, but for each additional Modbot of the same type, the cost increases by one unit.

For a clearer understanding, let’s take this example:

On your first day, you bought one of each: Copper Minerbot, Ozy Minerbot, Gold Minerbot, Rag Defendbot, Aqua Defendbot, and Silver Repairbot. Since these are the first bots you’ve obtained this season, each one costs just one unit. Thus, the total cost is one unit for Copper, Silver, Ozy, Gold, Rag, and Aqua.

Similarly, if you’ve acquired 5 copper Minerbots this season and intend to purchase one more Copper Minerbot, two copper Defendbots, and three iron Minerbots, the cost would be 9 copper and 6 iron in total (6 for the additional copper Minerbot, 3 for the two copper Defendbots, and 6 iron for the three iron Minerbots).


Minerbots are your workforce and will mine Moon Chips for you. There are 7 of them, one for each basic Mines of Dalarnia resource: Copper, Iron, Silver, Ozymodium, Gold, Ragnarite, and Aquarite Minerbots.

Each Minerbot has a daily velocity that indicates the quantity of Moon Chips it generates within a 24-hour period. When you acquire a Minerbot, its velocity is added to your Total Velocity, and you can monitor how much velocity is provided by each newly purchased Minerbot in the “VELOCITY” section below each one.

In this example, one Ragnarite Minerbot will contribute 8 units to your Total Velocity, resulting in an increase of 8 Moon Chips generated per day throughout the season — unless a Storm reduces your Total Velocity. If your Total Velocity is already at 65 and you purchase a new Ragnarite Minerbot, your Total Velocity will rise to 73. This means that from this point until the end of the season, you will mine 73 new Moon Chips every 24 hours, until you further boost your Total Velocity or a Storm diminishes it.

After each Storm, the individual velocity of newly acquired Minerbots randomly increases or decreases up to 5 units, never going below 2 or above 10. Note that these changes only apply to the new bots purchased after each Storm and do not affect the ones already in operation.

For instance, the season may start with velocity values as shown in the image above, where Copper Minerbots have a velocity of +2/day and Ozymodium Minerbots have a velocity of +10/day. Following a series of Storms, the velocities may evolve, leading to a scenario like the one illustrated in the image below, where new Copper Minerbots have boosted their velocity to +8/day, while new Ozymodium Minerbots have reduced their velocity to +5/day.


Defendbots serve as your muscle, and they play a vital role in protecting Minerbots during storms. They contribute to your party’s Defense, and there are also seven of them, one for each basic Mines of Dalarnia resource.

Every Defendbot has a defense value that remains the same throughout the season. When you purchase a Defendbot, it adds its Defense value to your Total Defense, as well as to the partial defense of the specific resource it represents. For instance, if you acquire a Silver Defendbot with 50 defense and an Ozymodium Defendbot with 100 defense, you will increase your Total Defense by 150–50 defense will be added to your Silver partial defense, and 100 defense to your Ozymodium partial defense.


Repairbots serve as your maintenance crew, responsible for repairing the Defendbots after each Storm. They contribute to your party’s Efficiency, and there are also seven types of them, one for each basic Mines of Dalarnia resource.

Similar to Defendbots, the efficiency values provided by each Repairbot remain constant throughout the season. When you purchase and deploy a Repairbot, it increases both your Total Efficiency and the efficiency specific to the resource it represents. For instance, if you acquire a Gold Repairbot with 120 efficiency and an Aquarite Repairbot with 280 efficiency, you will enhance your Total Efficiency by 400 — our Gold partial efficiency will increase by 120, and your Aquarite partial efficiency by 280.


The lunar landscape is fraught with danger, and during each season, 7 Storms will occur. These Storms are categorized into 8 types. A regular Storm and seven other storms are tied to each resource. Due to this, some storms may not occur throughout the entire season. In general, storms are catastrophic events that happen regularly on Luna Praxis and will put your Modbots in danger. Before we go into details about how they damage your party, we want to share with you our observations about them:

  • No storms happen in the first 5 days and on the last day of each season

  • The 7 Storms happen at random days and hours from day 6 to day 29

  • On each season’s day, no more than one Storm will happen

  • Storms can happen in consecutive days

As we know when they can occur let’s see what happens when these devastating storms burst. To be well prepared you need to have enough Defense to not lose Velocity, and enough Efficiency to not lose Defense.

  • Regular Storm: These Storms are not tied to any resource and thus, you need TOTAL Defense to protect your Minerbots and TOTAL Efficiency to protect your Defendbots. Regular storms can occur up to 4 times per season

  • All Other Storms: Storms tied to a resource are similar to Regular Storms, but in order to shield against them, you’ll need to develop PARTIAL Defense and Efficiency.Each resource storm can happen up to 2 times per season

No matter what, after each Storm, you will always lose half of your Total Efficiency.

How to Win

In Modbots, everyone is a winner!

At the start of each season, the Metagalactic Collective will announce the total DAR prize for that season’s Moon Chips production.

At the end of the season, your reward is determined by the proportion of Moon Chips you’ve collected compared to the total Moon Chips collected by all players.

For example:

During this season, 100 Players participated, collectively mining a total of 10000 Moon Chips.

Sir Wellington over the course of the season, successfully mined 500 Moon Chips.

To calculate Sir Wellington’s share, we can express it as a percentage: 500/10000 = 0.05, or 5%.

The announced prize for this season was 2000 DAR.

Consequently, Sir Wellington will receive 5% of this prize, which in our example amounts to 100 DAR.

So, the higher your percentage of the total production is, the more percentage of that season’s prize pool you’ll get. Each season spans 30 exciting days of lunar adventure.

How to Participate

To participate in Modbots the only need is a few resources per month and you need your account to be at least on level 5. For every season you’ll need to as well sign up, for doing so you just need to confirm transactions like in usual other activities.

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