Rewarded Mechanics (Play and Earn Features)


  • Mining Rent

Receiving $DAR from miners as Rent fee is the primary $DAR reward source for Landowners. However Landowners are not restricted from mining and can also hold Mining Apes which allows them to participate in additional rewarded features.

  • Trading

Due to the fact that every Mining Plot is an NFT, Landowners have the option to sell their Mining Plots at any given time.

Miners (Players)

  • Resource DEX

Trading resources, gathered during mining runs, is a miners primary source for additional $DAR but dependent on the demand & supply ratio of the game economy.

  • NFT Trading

Thanks to real ownership of NFTs, trading equipment and gear with other players, allows miners to benefit from their engagement.

  • Competitions

Participating in competitions allows players to fight for a top spot in a rewarded game mode.

  • Modbot Seasons

Players that register for a Modbot Season and deploy a minimum amount of modbots will receive a $DAR reward after the end of the season. The amount of $DAR depends on their performance in comparison to all other registered players.

Mining Ape Holders

While Mining Ape Holders can participate in all the other rewarded features, they also have access to an exclusive feature.

  • Mining Ape Quests

Deliberately designed quests allow Mining Ape Holders to receive a $DAR reward based on their engagement. Those quests are not limited to one specific game mode.

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