Onchain Assets


All Mines of Dalarnia NFTs are tradeable on the Mines of Dalarnia marketplace on minesofdalarnia.com or on third party marketplaces.

Mining Plots

Land within Mines of Darnia is called Mining Plot. All Mining Plots within the game are of equal quality but located on specific planets. The profitability of Mining Plots depends on the Landowners decisions regarding the available resources after replenishment and the set rent fee.


All Equipment is crafted by using Resources and $DAR. Crafting and wearing better equipment requires the Miner to achieve a certain player level by progressing in the game.


Holos are cosmetic NFTs changing the Mining Characters look without affecting the players attributes. Players can place Holos on top of equipped Gear without limitations.

Mining Apes

Sold before the games launch, Mining Apes are genesis NFTs that unlock specific perks such as access to Mining Ape Quests. 3040 Mining Apes exist and no additional Mining Apes will be minted in the future.


Every Miner in Mines of Dalarnia is accompanied by a Robo Canar-E acting as a secondary lightsource and valuable helper. Besides the standard off-chain Canar-E, there also exists a limited supply of NFT Canar-Es with distinct looks and rarities.

Tradable Commodities


Gathered during Mining Runs, Resources are a key economic resource used for trading on the Resource DEX, crafting and upgrading equipment, replenishing Mining Plots and creating Modbots.

Non-Tradable Commodities

Mining Pass

Unlocking all features and content of Mines of Dalarnia requires the player to purchase a Mining Pass. Those Mining Passes are valid for a certain period of time and a dedicated amount of mining runs.

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