With Mines of Dalarnia our goal is to utilize the opportunities offered by blockchain technologies for creating unique and community-driven gaming experiences.

To achieve that, we focus our efforts on the following key aspects:


Mines of Dalarnia is first and foremost a game. We want to create a gameplay that players have fun and stick with, creating a community that will ultimately make Mines of Dalarnia a world that players can enjoy for years to come. While the buzz is currently about the โ€œEarnโ€ in โ€œPlay to Earn,โ€ we believe the โ€œPlayโ€ is critically important as well. A game that many players love to play will grow a vibrant in-game economy, which will make it easier to earn.


Blockchain, NFTs and Tokens create a game world that is truly owned by the players. Nearly every ingame asset is a NFT or token at launch, and the few that are not will be tokenized in the future. Players can take their assets to the ingame or secondary marketplaces to trade them or gift as they please. Itโ€™s all in the hands of the players!

Open Game Economy

With complete ownership of their in-game assets, players are in control of the game economy. The asset value is defined by supply and demand, all of which is controlled by the way players interact with the game. Driven by our native token $DAR, our goal is to create a framework for a sustainable game economy so that Mines of Dalarnia and its community can grow together.


We believe in Ecosystems and are establishing Mines of Dalarnia as a key economy project within the DAR Open Network, enhancing the experience of this interconnected gaming platform based on the communities engagement and mining performance.

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