Mining Plot Attributes

Each plot is specified by the planet it is located on, the specific location on the planet and the planet type.

Depths and Power Level

Every Mining Plot can generally be used for the Standard Depths, Depth 1, Depth 2 and Depth 3. Each Depth comes with a specific Resource frequency and higher Depths demand higher Power Level from the Miner to gain access.

The Power Level is defined by the miners' currently selected equipment, called their “loadout.” This is similar to Item Level in traditional games.

Aspects (Biomes)

Four Terra-specific Aspects exist (similar to biomes in other games):

  • Terra (standard)

  • Jungle

  • Rock

  • Crypt

Aspects are randomly determined when terraforming a Mining Plot. Miners are encouraged to use equipment of a fitting aspect type to optimize their performance.


Terrain is defined by the planet type the Mining Plot is located on. Currently only Terra Type Planets exist in Mines of Dalarnia.

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